OPUS 168Mk II 202,400 MHz

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Vocal set, comprises receiver and handheld transmitter with dynamic microphone capsule


The two sets Opus 168 Mk II and Opus 180 Mk II are best choice for classic vocal applications on stage and comprises the true diversity receiver NE 100 S and a dynamic or condenser handheld transmitter with microphone clamp. The Opus 168 Mk II comprises the dynamic handheld transmitter SDM 168 (supercardioid), the Opus 180 Mk II the condenser handheld transmitter SEM 181 (cardioid).

comprises NE 100 S true diversity receiver

+ SDM 168 handheld transmitter (dynamic, supercardioid)

+ MKV 108 microphone clamp

+ Battery (9 V)

Technical data

Net weight without packaging   1307 g




Opus100MkII_BA_DEF_06.pdf (993.75 KB)


 Available frequencies:
174,100 MHz,
202,400 MHz,
231,600 MHz,
239,200 MHz.

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